Katahdin Salmon is committed to natural and healthy fresh salmon with the highest fish welfare and human health standards

Our Product

It has been repeatedly proven that land-based systems can produce top-quality salmon with proper location, design, and operations. Our first facility will be producing Atlantic Salmon, with Steelhead also being on the road map.

Katahdin Salmon will be producing our fish in freshwater in land-based systems that are being gradually closed up to protect our fish and the environment. Research institutions such as The Freshwater Institute have conducted blind tests showing that both salmon grown in seawater and in freshwater have virtually the same quality and taste attributes.

  • Our salmon will be raised in clean, cold water from Maine.
  • Our biosecurity standards and vaccination program make it possible to deliver antibiotics-free products.
  • Our fish will be fed fishmeal-free fish feed with natural antioxidants.
  • The origin of our fish is non-GMO.

The first production volumes have been committed through an agreement with an American seafood distributor and will be distributed in Eastern USA.